Press/Media and External Coverage

This page includes a non-exhaustive list of prior coverage of Open Borders: The Case in the press and other notable outlets. All are welcome to contact us for media, press or other inquiries. Links to the site as a whole Coverage of launch (March 16, 2012) The closest available site snapshot is for March 18, 2012. Link Author, publisher, … Continue reading Press/Media and External Coverage

Economist consensus

Many signatories of the Open Borders Manifesto are practicing economists. Although only a minority of economists overall support truly open borders, surveys of economists have repeatedly shown that a majority of economists favor more open borders compared to current legal regimes or popular opinion. This is of particular significance in so far as many of the … Continue reading Economist consensus

Harms to immigrant-receiving countries

Here are some alleged detrimental effects of immigration or open borders that are specific to destination countries: Suppression of wages of natives (see also immigrants do jobs natives won’t do and US-specific suppression of wages of natives). Welfare state/fiscal burden objection: Includes means-tested welfare benefits for poor immigrants, public schools for immigrant children, and emergency medical … Continue reading Harms to immigrant-receiving countries

Keyhole solutions

This page describes an umbrella term used for a wide variety of approaches, and an underlying common theme to those approaches. The concept isn’t clear-cut. Moreover, this site does not take an official position on the desirability of keyhole solutions, either in general or any particular ones. They are discussed to offer a complete sense … Continue reading Keyhole solutions