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Bryan Caplan is a libertarian economics professor at George Mason University. He is a passionate advocate of open borders on both libertarian and humanitarian grounds. He has addressed the issue from a wide variety of angles through blog posts and other media. His personal webpage is here. Caplan blogs at EconLog with co-bloggers Arnold Kling (Kling stopped blogging in August 2012) and David Henderson.


Short video (2:51) on immigration policy overview:

Video: Immigration restrictions: a solution in search of a problem (click link for more video-related information)

Caplan-Ting immigration debate: a video debate between Caplan and Jan Ting of CIS on immigration (see also our debate video page for more such videos):

Intelligence Squared jobs debate featuring Caplan and Vivek Wadhwa against Ron Unz and Kathleen Newland, with “Let Anyone Take a Job Anywhere” as the title of the motion.

Published writings


  • Bryan Caplan’s EconTalk podcast with Russ Roberts on immigration: EconTalk page here, downloadable MP3 here. The EconTalk page features a full transcript and related links.

Blog posts that sum up Caplan’s position on open borders

The following blog posts give a bird’s eye view of Caplan’s case for open borders.

  • My Path to Open Borders, a guest post for Open Borders where Caplan outlines his own intellectual evolution towards open borders.
  • Open Borders in 4 Easy Steps, a quick summary of Caplan’s case for open borders, intended for the two-minute opening speech of a debate about immigration at the International Students For Liberty Conference 2013.
  • Immigration Restrictions: A Solution in Search of a Problem, guest blog post for The Economist, which was later expanded into a talk (video above).
  • Sitting on an Ocean of Talent, an explanation of why the magnitude of potential gains from open borders should make even people skeptical of it ponder how to overcome the obstacles and realize the gains.
  • Immigration: My Eyes Work Fine, a list of 16 points describing what he sees regarding the effects of immigration, how people perceive it, and how they argue.

Blog posts that go into specific arguments related to open borders

A list of all blog posts by Caplan on immigration and related topics can be viewed here. This may not include some posts on the philosophy and morality of immigration.


Bryan Caplan plans to write a book with a tentative title Poverty: Who to Blame?. The book will label immigration restrictions as one of the three reasons why poverty still persists today. He outlined his plans in a blog post.

The Efficient, Egalitarian, Libertarian, Utilitarian Way to Double World GDP — Bryan Caplan

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