Pro-immigration web resources

This page lists pro-immigration web resources that make explicit arguments defending immigration of one or more sort without generally opposing other forms of immigration. Most of them put their agenda upfront in their “about” sections and mission statements, though some do not do so, but are classed as pro-immigration based on other aspects of their website and materials they put out. For sources that claim to offer information, see migration information web resources. For sources with an explicit anti-immigration agenda, see anti-immigration web resources.

Name of group, website, resource, or institution Affiliation and geographic location Focus areas
Offene Grenzen (website (German) Global, but targeted at German-speaking audiences Focus on Germany
International Organization for Migration (website: Geneva, Switzerland Worldwide migration, with four broad areas according to its about page: migration and development, Facilitating migration, regulating migration, and forced migration.
Immigration Policy Center (website: An initiative of the American Immigration Council, headquartered in Washington DC. See also our page about the Immigration Policy Center. Immigration to the United States, including many of the day-to-day political debates.
Cato Institute’s immigration page (website: Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank located in Washington D.C. The research and advocacy focus on immigration to the United States, but the Cato Institute is generally in favor of freer migration worldwide
Independent Institute immigration section (website: The Independent Institute is an independent US-based libertarian think tank Takes a hard-line libertarian stance defending free migration worldwide, but most of the discussion is US-focused.
Future of Freedom Foundation (website: The Future of Freedom Foundation is a libertarian outreach group that argues for enhanced liberty worldwide, but with its activities focused in the United States. They have argued for freer migration both generically and specifically in the context of migration to the United States.
Migro (website: a group of people in Sweden who support free migration to Sweden The group comprises mostly classical liberals but is migration-focused and some of its contributors are egalitarian social liberals.
Rational Immigration (website: Defending substantially freer migration to the United States
Freedom of Migration (website: Defending a migration policy for the United States based on free market principles, with blog posts explaining the reasoning behind it.

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