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The Biggest Idea in Development that No One Really Tried by Michael Clemens:

Lant Pritchett: Education, Migration, and Development:

FFF Economic Liberty Lecture Series: Bryan Caplan from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo:

The Case for Open Borders by Michael Huemer:

Video of an interview with Ken Schoolland at ALF 2013:

Presentation by Hansjoerg Walther (occasional blogger for Open Borders, edited English version of slides available here):

Jacob Hornberger Show 4/16/11: Why Open Borders Make Sense:

Economics of Immigration: Myths and Realities by Benjamin Powell

The Impact of Immigration on Jobs and Income by Antony Davies

Heartland Speaker Series: Henryk Kowalczyk

"The Efficient, Egalitarian, Libertarian, Utilitarian Way to Double World GDP" — Bryan Caplan