Ideological blindness and stupidity

Below are listed some of the attacks made on advocates of open borders on account of their ideology, stupidity, or refusal to see the truth.

  • Elite conscience salve: Open borders advocates are often well-to-do people for whom support for open borders is a way to assuage their consciences without actually having to suffer any of the adverse consequences of immigration.
  • Leftist agenda:Open borders advocates have been duped by leftist agenda into blaming the West for the plight of the rest and their advocacy of open borders is a direct attack (witting or unwitting) on all that is good and just about the West or the developed world.
  • Libertarian pipedream: Open border advocates are dogmatic libertarians who have been sold on this pipedream by libertarian echo chambers.
  • Economist blind spot: Economists’ support for expanded immigration is due to various blind spots they have due to the nature of their profession and way of thinking.
  • Sentimentalism: Supporters of open borders often use sentimental arguments, like remembering their grandparents who immigrated at a time when there were fewer restrictions on immigration.

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