VDARE is a US-based anti-immigration group with website vdare.com. It is run by a non-profit foundation called the VDARE foundation. Contributors to VDARE include Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer, and many others.

How does VDARE describe itself?

Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDARE, describes VDARE’s mission as “Patriotic Immigration Reform.” Brimelow has stated that VDARE, as a whole, does not take a stand on issues that do not directly impinge on immigration. For instance, VDARE does not take a stand on the Iraq war, gay rights, abortion rights, or the viability of white nationalism. However, people writing for VDARE do take stands on a number of issues. In some cases, writers take conflicting stands on these issues. The main uniting theme of the website is opposition to immigration.

How does VDARE distinguish itself?

VDARE distinguishes itself from “Beltway” anti-immigration groups such as the Center for Immigration Studies, FAIR, and NumbersUSA in the following ways:

  • Greater openness to a range of anti-immigration arguments such as IQ deficit and culture clash, including arguments that use race, ethnicity, and culture as key analytical tools. Beltway immigration groups generally focus on suppression of native wages, welfare state abuse, assimilation problems, and a few other issues.
  • A writing style that is more polemical and provocative, and more confrontational toward what VDARE identifies as left-wing political correctness.
  • A greater degree of self-congratulation and self-aggrandization combined with a sense of seige.

What do others think about VDARE?

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