Privacy policy

For passive viewers

If you are surfing this website, your actions are logged in our usage logs. These usage logs are accessible to:

  • The site’s administrators. This includes the regular authors listed on the authors page.
  • The service that hosts the data and servers, which is currently Dreamhost.
  • WordPress, which helps with the collection and analysis of user statistics.
  • Google Analytics, which has been integrated to collect site statistics. View Google’s privacy policy here.

Your usage logs are not made available to other parties. Aggregated log data may be publicly disclosed. For instance, the lists of most viewed posts use aggregated data on the number of views each post has received.

Entry and exit page tracking

Google Analytics tracks entry pages. WordPress tracks both entry and exit pages. If, however, you enter from a secure site (with https in the URL) then the source URL is not disclosed to us. Thus, for instance, if you come to the site by following a Facebook link, we will know that you came from Facebook, but will have no idea of what Facebook post led you here. With exit pages that you go to by clicking a link on this site, on the other hand, we have full information about where you are headed, regardless of whether it is an ordinary or secure link.

For commenters

When you comment, then in addition to the information you fill in while commenting (name/email or Facebook/Twitter/WordPress login) the system also stores your IP address. This is accessible to the site administrators and is used to tentatively identify whether you’re the same as a previous commenter with the same name/email. Your email address and IP address are not publicly disclosed.

Your email address may be used to contact you in case of any controversy surrounding your comment or any changes/removals to posts on which you have commented. Such contacting will be a rare occurrence. You may also be contacted with an invitation to be a regular or guest blogger.

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