Exit and competitive government

If people in a country have realistic options in terms of countries they can migrate to, this puts pressure on their political leaders to maintain a better political and economic climate:

  • If nothing else, at least the specific people who do manage to escape bad political and economic systems can benefit.
  • Human rights abuses, particularly the persecution of unpopular minorities, can be better kept in check.
  • Even if there are restrictions on freedom of speech within a country, emigrants from the country can speak more openly about various issues.
  • When people “vote with their feet” to specific other countries, political leaders get a signal to consider learning from these other countries. For more on the idea of voting with one’s feet, read about Tiebout mechanisms of political competition.

The effect is similar to the way that enhanced capital mobility in recent years has forced countries to reform their financial, regulatory, and tax systems and helped people diversify their assets to safeguard themselves against rampant money printing by their national governments.

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