Christian views of immigration

The goal of this page is to collect views related to immigration (both for and against) that have been justified in explicit Christian theological terms.

The significance of these views is as follows:

  • Since a large number of people are Christians, these arguments carry moral weight. Even those who aren’t Christians need to understand the logic behind these arguments to engage in debate.
  • Other religions, such as Judaism and Islam, share some texts and important doctrinal elements with Christianity, so some of the Christian theological arguments transfer to other religions.
  • Even people who aren’t religious Christians may hold the Bible as a source of encapsulated wisdom and/or information about historical attitudes to immigration, which may shed light on issues related to immigration.

In the worst case, you may believe that the arguments based on Christian theology are neither here nor there, so they add no weight on either side of the immigration debate.

Here are some blog posts and articles (you can also view all blog posts tagged Christianity):

Here are some responses by Nathan Smith to restrictionist arguments that the Bible and Christianity justify restrictionism:

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