David Henderson

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David Henderson is Associate Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He is also a Research Fellow with the Hoover Institution. Henderson is the Features Editor of the Library of Economics and Liberty website and blogs at EconLog. He has argued in favor of open borders on his blog and in other venues.


A talk radio interview of David Henderson on May 29, 2007, on KION-AM 1460 can be downloaded here (MP3). The MP3 has been edited for clarity and is provided with permission from David Henderson and KION-AM 1460. The interview touches upon a number of immigration-related issues:

Blog posts and articles

Below are listed some of Henderson’s blog posts on immigration:

"The Efficient, Egalitarian, Libertarian, Utilitarian Way to Double World GDP" — Bryan Caplan