Define American

Define American (website, Wikipedia page) is a website and movement in the United States started by Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and also an illegal immigrant from Phillippines to the United States (read more about Vargas’ life story). Define American was started in June 2011 by Vargas following his “coming out” as an illegal immigrant in a New York Times Magazine article. It has been prominent in pushing for legislation in the United States that would implement provisions of the DREAM Act. Vargas himself has toured and lectured across the United States asking questions about what makes an American an American and whether people who are illegally brought across the border when young deserve to be recognized as bona fide Americans.

Apart from Vargas, other prominent celebrities have contributed to Define American. These include Stephen T. Colbert, the host of a comedic talk show for Comedy Central.

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