IQ researchers’ views of immigration

Given that the IQ deficit of immigrants is a common argument made by many restrictionists against open borders, it may be worthwhile to tabulate the views of IQ researchers on immigration. In addition to their views, the table below also indicates whether the researchers have published these views as part of their research or whether these are simply privately held views.

Researcher name Birth and death years Nation of residence/citizenship Specialization Views on immigration
Arthur Jensen 1923-? (still alive) United States of America Nature and measurement of cognitive ability, sources of individual differences and group differences Opposes open borders, linked with concerns about overpopulation. Views expressed in a small segment on personal views in a book-length conversation with Frank Miele. No views expressed in published research or linked to IQ findings.
Richard Lynn 1930-? (still alive) United Kingdom (Ireland) Role of IQ and other traits in socio-economic phenomena, causes of group differences in traits Opposes open borders. Support for selective immigration policy coupled with support for voluntary eugenics including embryo selection to raise intelligence levels. Ant-immigration views not highlighted in research, but has written articles for anti-immigration group VDARE.
J. P. Rushton 1943-? (still alive) Canada Group differences in IQ and other traits, possible evolutionary origins Opposes open borders. Views not expressed in published research but has written for anti-immigration group VDARE.
Garett Jones ?-? (still alive) United States of America Role of IQ in economic growth, mechanisms through which IQ affects macroeconomic factors Supports high-skilled operation. Also favors somewhat expanded low-skilled immigration but acknowledges trade-off in terms of deterioration of institutional quality. See here and here for more.

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