Heightening the contradictions

I hope this becomes law and all… Report: Senate immigration plan sets deportation timeframe The bipartisan Senate immigration plan would deport immigrants who illegally entered the U.S. after 2011, a Senate aide told Reuters on Friday. The plan would give most of the approximately 11 million unauthorized immigrants a way to stay in the U.S. … Continue reading Heightening the contradictions

2013 US immigration reform proposals

Regular attempts have been made in the United States to pass immigration “reform” of various stripes — including a mix of enhanced border security and employment verification, legalization of the existing illegal immigrant population, and liberalization of the existing high-skilled immigration and low-skilled guest worker programs. This page reviews some proposals that gained political currency … Continue reading 2013 US immigration reform proposals

Executive Action, Not Legislative Reform, Is How U.S. Immigration Policy Gets Made Now

The immigration system isn’t broken, it is working as intended. But it needs to be broken; we need to break it.