Introducing Adam Gurri

We’re happy to announce that Adam Gurri will be joining Open Borders as an occasional blogger. Adam Gurri works in digital advertising and has an MA in economics from George Mason University (where Bryan Caplan, Donald Boudreaux, and many other open borders advocates teach). His father’s family migrated to the United States from Cuba, fleeing Castro shortly after the revolution. His great-grandparents on his mother’s side all came here from Russia, seeking refuge from political persecution and institutionalized antisemitism. On his own blog and at The Umlaut, he writes primarily about technology and society.

Adam is a champion of open borders. He feels that the persecuted and desperately poor of the world ought to be extended the same opportunities that his own family was lucky enough to have. In his posts for the Open Borders blog, he will be exploring history for what it can teach us about the effects of loosening immigration restrictions, as well as the moral case for open borders.

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