Introducing Chris Hendrix

Three weeks ago, we introduced John Lee, whom Vipul had discovered in the EconLog comments and invited to join the Open Borders blog. John has since published a number of posts on Open Borders and actively participated in many comment threads. We’re happy to announce a new Open Borders blogger: Chris Hendrix. Vipul discovered Chris in the EconLog comments (here , here (quoted in its entirety in Vipul’s blog post on the libertarian priority list), and here, for starters) and was so impressed that he invited Chris to join the Open Borders blog. Chris has graciously agreed, and his first blog post will be published soon.

Chris is a Masters student in history in Atlanta, Georgia. He plans to use his blog posts to combine historical analysis with economic, moral, and political arguments to better understand and explore the consequences of open borders. We already have some posts on the history of borders, but Chris will hopefully bring a new level of rigor and detail to this neglected aspect of the case for open borders.

Welcome to the blog, Chris!

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