Introducing David Bier

We here at Open Borders: The Case are pleased to announce the addition of a new occasional blogger: David Bier!

David is a full-time writer and analyst for the Competitive Enterprise Institute and his writings have appeared in numerous news outlets. He approaches open borders from the perspective that there is a presumption in favor of liberty for migration. Only when there is a direct threat to life, liberty, or property of others can migration be restricted by governments. He is interested in all aspects of immigration, but particularly how immigration restrictions impinge the liberties of natives as well as immigrants.

We look forward to hosting David’s work on this site and hope that our readers find this a valuable contribution to the discussion!

UPDATE: On August 20, 2013, Bier left his job at CEI and joined the staff of the politician Raul Labrador as his sole policy advisor on immigration. Bier will no longer be blogging for Open Borders: The Case.

REMINDER: If you’re interested in blogging for the site in any capacity, please fill out  our potential guest blogger contact form.

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