Introducing Hansjörg Walther

We here at Open Borders: The Case are thrilled to announce another addition to our growing team of occasional bloggers: Hansjörg Walther!

Hansjörg Walther is a mathematician by training with a doctorate from the University of Bonn, Germany. After a year at Stanford University, he went on to work in the financial sector and currently manages corporate bond funds for a mutual fund company. In his spare time he runs the blog “Freisinnige Zeitung” which is named after a daily newspaper that was edited by German Classical Liberal Eugen Richter from 1885 until 1904. Hansjörg is interested in historical topics and has written articles for various blogs and small German magazines. He also composes music as “Kapitalistenschweine” (Capitalist Pigs) that can be found on YouTube.

We look forward to hosting Hansjörg’s posts and hope our readers find his work enlightening!

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