Introducing Michael Carey

We’re happy to announce that Michael (Mike) Carey will be joining Open Borders: The Case as an occasional blogger. As our site expands its contributor base, we are trying to incorporate a diverse range of perspectives and writing styles that may differ from what readers have seen so far on this site (potential writers on this site need not always agree as shown in this comment thread).

Mike is a math teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah where he works with a diverse group of students including many children of undocumented immigrants and refugees from Africa. In addition, he also works as a Judge Advocate in the Air Force Reserve.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Mike was a C-130 pilot in the Air Force. He has a BS in mathematics from Brigham Young University, and MS in Physics from North Carolina State and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Mike writes about education reform, politics, and economics at his blog, He became an ardent supporter of open borders after reading the work of development economist Lant Pritchett, who has shown that relaxing border restrictions could be the most effective way of relieving world poverty. Through his work with students, he has also become intimately aware of the tragic circumstances that result from the deportation of immigrant families.

His first post will be published soon.

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