Introducing Ryan P. Long

We here at Open Borders: The Case are happy to introduce a new occasional blogger: Ryan P. Long!

Ryan is a software consultant originally from Utah, a state that has benefited from a large and thriving Mexican immigrant population. There, he eventually earned a B.S. in Economics from Utah State University, under the tutelage of a number of extremely intelligent immigrants from China, India, the Middle East, and several neighboring states. Shortly after graduating, he became an emigrant to Canada and lived there for a duration of about nine years. While there, he met a rather wonderful Bangladeshi immigrant and eventually married her. After a couple of years, they both emigrated to Fort Worth, Texas where he now works for a company staffed with some of the brightest immigrants from India, Latin America, Europe, China, and Russia. His interest in immigration is the natural result of its ubiquity in his life, but his embrace of the open borders paradigm is the result of the many conversations he has had over the years with friends about their pre-immigration lives.

We’d like to welcome Ryan and we look forward to his future posts here!

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