Introducing Sebastian Nickel

We’re glad to announce that Sebastian Nickel will be joining our website as an occasional blogger, adding to a steadily growing list of contributors to this website.

Sebastian works as a freelance translator and studies mathematics at The Open University. He is a citizen of Switzerland and Germany, was born and raised in Luxembourg, has lived in several European countries, and has previously completed a degree in psychology at the Université Paris 8. He has recently migrated from London, UK to Berlin, Germany.

Sebastian’s interests range widely across cognitive science, economics and moral and political philosophy. He has blogged sporadically on these topics at Seb’s Cogblog.

As far back as he can remember, Sebastian has always considered migration restrictions morally unacceptable. More recently, he has been persuaded by the writings of Bryan Caplan that open borders is probably the single most important policy issue of our time. He’s further been inspired by the Open Borders community to engage in personal efforts to try and help change the public perception of migration restrictions. He is particularly interested in exploring the philosophy and the psychology of countries and citizenship, with their typically assumed ramifications. He will also aim to bring a European perspective to our website.

His first post will be published soon.

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