Looking for new bloggers

Open Borders: The Case started out (in March 2012) as mostly a reference website, with an occasionally updated blog. Over the last 14 months, however, we have grown our blog section considerably and it is now one of the main draws of the site. Our team of regular, occasional, and guest bloggers has been growing gradually and currently includes people who currently live or have lived in the past in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. We blog about migration-related issues around the world.

The article about us by Shaun Raviv for The Atlantic (April 26, 2013) brought a lot of media attention our way. Our readership, Facebook likes, and Twitter follows all seem to have roughly doubled since Shaun’s piece was published, and much of our external coverage has been in the aftermath of Shaun’s piece.

In light of the increased traffic and attention to the site, we are looking for more people who might be interested in blogging (guest-blogging, occasional blogging, or regular blogging) for our site.

If you’re interested, please fill in the potential guest blogger contact form. It’s called a “potential guest blogger contact form” in light of the fact that we expect most respondents to be interested in writing one-off guest posts or series of posts rather than taking on a commitment to write for the site on an ongoing basis. However, if you express interest and there is sufficient congruence between you and the site, we might work out an arrangement for you to be on occasional or even a regular blogger.

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