March 2015 in review

March 2015 has been one of the two busiest months for Open Borders: The Case, tying closely with November 2014 for top spot. The highlight of the month was Open Borders Day, observed on March 16, and our publication of the Open Borders Manifesto on that day, which has received about 150 signatures so far.

Social media successes

The following pages and posts did best on social media:

We also had some success with older posts. There was a surge of interest in the post Bangladesh and India: move towards open borders by Vipul Naik, January 15, 2015, after the publication of the anonymous post about the day in Wagah alluded to above. The Bangladesh-India post rose to 118 Facebook engagements from about 45 at the beginning of the month.

Substantive, highly appreciated posts

Sebastian Nickel’s blog post Overview of the Open Philanthropy Project’s work on migration liberalisation, published March 18, 2015, got 24 Facebook engagements and 7 Twitter engagements. It was based on a thorough review of the work on migration done by the Open Philanthropy Project, a joint initiative of GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Open Borders Day

We already did an Open Borders Day 2015 roundup post that lists reactions to Open Borders Day from around the web. In our review of traffic for the month, we discuss the surge of interest due to and during Open Borders Day.

Open Borders Action Group highlights

Site traffic: details

Pageviews for Open Border: The Case:

Month and year Pageview count (WordPress) Pageview count (Google Analytics)
March 2015 38,289 36,826
February 2015 26,205 25,351
January 2015 28,149 25,702*
March 2014 22,808 23,329
February 2014 14,964 15,409
January 2014 17,521 17,709

*Google Analytics was dysfunctional for a few days and a few hours on other days, causing that number to be an underestimate.

Here is the WordPress traffic by day for the past few weeks:

Screenshot of WordPress traffic for the months of March and a few days before and after.
Screenshot of WordPress traffic for the months of March and a few days before and after.

Here is the Google Analytics traffic by day for the month:

March 2015 Google Analytics screenshot
March 2015 Google Analytics screenshot

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