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Open borders supporter Fabio Rojas, the brain behind the Open Borders Logo Contest, recently converted the Open Borders Logo Contest Facebook group to the Open Borders Action Group (OBAG). While the group was originally intended for a discussion of open borders logos, the new incarnation is intended for a general discussion of strategy and rhetoric related to open borders advocacy. Object-level discussion of the merits of open borders is also welcome, but not the focus.

If you’re interested in discussing or following discussions of open borders advocacy and action, consider joining the group. You can edit the notification settings to determine whether you get notified when new posts are made to the group, so don’t worry about getting too much notification spam. You don’t need to be an open borders supporter, or express only “pro-open borders” views in the posts and comments, but the group’s goals mean that you’re unlikely to enjoy it much unless you have some sympathy for the position. That said, open borders skeptics should feel free to join and lurk in the group to obtain “competitive intelligence” so to speak.

A few quick guidelines for OBAG:

  • Fabio moderates posts and comments ruthlessly for incivility, including reciprocal incivility (if somebody’s rude to you, let the moderators deal with it).
  • To the extent possible, when commenting on a post, stick to the topic of the post rather than pivoting to a general discussion of the merits or demerits of open borders. This helps keep the discussion focused.
  • More detailed comments and discussion are better suited to the Open Borders blog, where the bloggers and audience are more committed to hashing out arguments in full detail.

3 thoughts on “Open Borders Action Group”

  1. How about open season on open borders ! You all suck and you have no idea or clue how the fucking world operates! I hope you all are removed from the planet you suck socialist globalists ?????????

    1. Many of us are not socialists. I myself believe in small government and few taxes.

      We can change the world view of oppression with enough love and understanding.

      Open Season would be a great idea and a step forward. We could have a trial open borders each year during part of the year, initially for a couple of weeks – see if the effects are radical or not, this would be a great experiment. Thank you for this idea

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