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A comment by John Lee on a guest post by Fabio Rojas got me thinking: what are some possibilities for artwork related to open borders? John writes:

“Bumper stickers might also be a cheap way to spread the word. Maybe Open Borders: The Case should start a bumper sticker campaign?”

This should be easy to do; allows you to order almost any design on almost any type of souvenir (T-shirt, mug, bumper sticker, you name it). BTW, I did a quick search and found that virtually every open borders-related accessory on CafePress is restrictionist.

This was in response to another comment which in turn was in response to ideas mooted in the original post. Fabio’s original suggestion:

[W]e should develop a symbol, like the pink triangle for gay rights, that represents our view that people should be free to move as they wish between countries.

Does anybody know of any existing artwork related to open borders? Is anybody interested in creating artwork? A symbol as suggested by Fabio Rojas would probably be the most high-value item, but other pieces of art (T-shirt and coffee mug designs) may be easier to create and could also be highly valuable.

If you either know of or are interested in creating artwork related to open borders, please elaborate in the comments with links to the artwork. Representative artwork will be featured on the site.

PS: Also mentioned in the comments is the “human passport” YouTube video from the No One Is Illegal group:

I blogged about another YouTube video from No One Is Illegal a while back here.

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