Open Borders Day Event Ideas #1: Host a Movie/TV Screening

Open Borders Day in on March 16th and several events are being planned to commemorate the date. Readers may wish to join in by hosting their own event, but are unsure about they can do. One cheap and easy option is to host a movie/TV screening at your home.

I’ve previously discussed movies with migration themes and there is an nearly endless list of similar movies that you can find with a quite google search. I recommend Instructions Not Includeda film that explores the life of an illegal alien trying to raise his daughter in Los Angeles. Although the film points out the daily plight of illegal aliens, it never comes off as preachy.

For those who do not have the time to screen an entire film the Simpsons, South Park, and King of the Hill all have episodes dealing with migration topics. Despite my personal love for the Simpsons, I think the King of the Hill handles the migration topic best by having Hank, its main character, deal with an identity issue upon discovering that he is not a ‘native’ Texan.

The great thing about hosting a screening is that it does not require much cost to you, many movies are available on netflix or for purchase and popcorn isn’t expensive. Nor does watching a film require much on part of your guests. Guests don’t have to go over any reading lists prior to attending your event. Since the cost of participation is low guests with families,  who might find it hard to convince their spouses or children to attend a reading of academic papers regarding the impact of migrants on native wages, can attend as well.

Michelangelo Landgrave is an economics graduate student at California State University, Long Beach.

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