Weekly OBAG roundup 23 2014

This is part of a series of weekly posts with the most interesting content from the Open Borders Action Group on Facebook. Do join the group to weigh in on existing discussions or start your own (you might want to read this post before joining).

Artistic and literary depictions

General points related to migration and public opinion about migration

Opinions of others about migration: specific observations (including links to videos, debates)

  • Post by Akiva Malamet, July 26, 2014, linking to Should We Welcome Open Borders?, a Foundation for Economic Education debate video between Jason Brennan and David Inserra, July 20, 2014.
  • Post by Vipul Naik, July 27, 2014, linking to a YouTube video from 1980 where Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush discuss illegal immigration, and argue in favor of freer migration between the United States and Mexico. 10 likes, 3 comments. Also reblogged by Fabio Rojas here.
  • Post by John Lee, July 26, 2014, linking to and quoting from People Flows in Globalization by Richard Freeman, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20 (2), pages 145-170. 5 likes, 10 comments.
  • Post by John Lee linking to Nick Rowe on fiscal policy (and reply to Caplan) by Scott Sumner, EconLog, July 24, 2014, where he discusses some of his concerns related to migration. 2 likes, 2 comments.
  • Post by John Lee, July 25, 2014, linking to a discussion of pieces in the 1970s in Reason Magazine that defended apartheid as the lesser evil relative to communism. 1 like, 5 comments.
  • Post by Samuel Wilson, July 25, 2014, linking to his blog post Sumner’s Switzerland, July 25, 2014. 2 likes.
  • Post by Brian W. Ryman about the views of the United States Founders on migration. 1 like, 3 comments.
  • Post by John Lee linking to a critique of citizenism: Xenophobia and Politics by Steven E. Landsburg, Forbes, March 28, 2005. 4 likes, 1 comment

Specific current and historical situations

Site content, outreach, and meta

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