Weekly OBAG roundup 25 2014

This is part of a series of weekly posts with the most interesting content from the Open Borders Action Group on Facebook. Do join the group to weigh in on existing discussions or start your own (you might want to read this post before joining).

Posts related to Nathan Smith’s draft paper on the global economic impact of open borders

For prior literature on the topic, see the double world GDP page on this website. For an earlier blog post by Smith that lays out an early version of his model (that he expands on in the draft paper), see The Global Economic Impact of Open Borders: My Take, published February 8, 2014.

Here are Smith’s OBAG posts this week about his draft paper:

  • Post by Nathan Smith, August 6, 2014, uploading the file to the Facebook group. The file can be alternatively accessed via Google Drive here. The post received 7 likes and 66 comments.
  • Smith has also uploaded to the Facebook group his raw data and the files with the STATA code he used for his analysis. You can access all his files under the Files section of OBAG.
  • Post by Nathan Smith, August 7, 2014, about the high correlation he found between his measure of human capital (inferred using a production function) and HDI. 1 like, 30 comments.
  • Post by Nathan Smith, August 7, 2014, asking for suggestions for places to present his paper and possible venues for publication of his paper (after he completes it). 2 likes, 9 comments.
  • Post by Nathan Smith, August 7, 2014, noting that according to his draft paper, open borders leads to a major reinforcement of the dominance of the West. 4 likes, 4 comments.
  • Post by Nathan Smith noting that in Scenario 2 in his paper, unskilled workers worldwide would see their wages converge to 44% of the current US level. 7 comments.

General points related to migration and public opinion on migration

Opinions of others about migration: specific observations (including links to papers, videos, debates)

Specific current and historical situations

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