Looking for bloggers — we have enough ideas, we need writers

We have sought new bloggers two times, and been rewarded. Our contact form for new bloggers has remained active. But we recently made a minor change that’s worth announcing.

You may have noticed that our pace of posting on the blog has declined significantly since the peak rate around the middle of 2013, despite an increase in our number of bloggers. The reasons are manifold. Partly, it’s that the easy topics have been written about, so our new blog posts need to generally cover somewhat new ground, and therefore tend to take more time to write. However, we’re not short on ideas. We’ve got over 100 draft posts at this moment, and there are probably many more somewhere in the minds of our bloggers.

What we’re lacking is the person-hours needed to execute on ideas — either the ideas that we already have or new ones. Thus, we’re modifying our invitation. Whereas our original invitation was aimed at attracting people who would be able to come up with original ideas and then execute on them, we now extend our invitation to all people who’re willing to research and write up ideas, possibly in cooperation with another blogger who came up with the idea originally. In particular, if you’re a high school or college student with some writing skill (which you can demonstrate through samples of your writing or links to articles, blog posts, or comments that you have written), and you are passionate about the ideas surrounding open borders, this might be a good opportunity for you. The benefits:

  • Interaction with some people who have thought deeply about the subject.
  • Practice at (collaboratively) researching and writing issues related to policy analysis and moral philosophy.
  • Samples of published writing that you might be able to use later for jobs or internships at think tanks or magazines.
  • An Internet presence that you might be able to leverage in other ways.

In case you missed it above, our contact form is here.

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