Open Borders Day 2016 round up

Open Borders Day is held annually on March 16. It is held to raise awareness on the usefulness of open borders as a development tool and to make the case of freedom of movement as a basic human right. Last year we released a manifesto, which you can still sign. This year several Open Borders Day events were independently organized in DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and elsewhere. You can still catch a few of them today – click here for venue details.

Off-Site Posts about Open Borders Day

The glorious lasting accidental liberalization by Bryan Caplan

How to argue for immigration restrictions by Jason Brennan

Open Borders Day 2016 by Chad Nelson

Migration: a human capability by Paul Crider at Sweet Talk, a cross-posting of an older OB post.

Some thoughts on open borders and conservatism by Ilya Somin

Open borders for conservatives by Fabio Rojas

Why Canada needs open borders by Fergus Hodgson

This listing will be updated throughout the day. Feel free to contact us via email or the OB facebook group if we miss any. We thank everyone for their participation.

Michelangelo Landgrave is an economics graduate student at California State University, Long Beach.

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