Open Borders Day Idea #2: Write a Blog Post

Open Borders Day in on March 16th and several events are being planned to commemorate the date. Readers may wish to join in, but may not have the time or resources to host an event. One thing all readers can do is write a blog post about OB day. is read by a large cross section of readers from all sorts of backgrounds. This means that if were to blog on OB day our collective posts would reach a wide audience. Even a short tweet would go a long way of promoting OB day.

Posts could be a short message informing friends and family that it is OB day and directing them to learn more about OB on the site, attend a nearby event, or sign the OB manifesto.

If you have the time to spare you might wish to elaborate on why you support open borders. Here are samples of previous OB day related blog posts.

Michelangelo Landgrave is an economics graduate student at California State University, Long Beach.

One thought on “Open Borders Day Idea #2: Write a Blog Post”

  1. The argument for closing off the Mexican border and even Canadian borders will be a losing war. If we look at the war on drugs and how that has worked, then you can see how a wall will not stop the people or drugs from coming over the border. It will only increase government spending to watch the border, diverting funds that could go to school, roads rebuilding the infrastructure in the USA increasing jobs for americans. Closing off the border will only give people more drive to cross (to get to there family) create a even more lucrative drug trade because the cost of drugs in the U.S would triple over night.

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